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Bespoke Treatments for Chronic Pain

Bespoke Treatments for Chronic Pain

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  The team at Restorative Pain Solutions understands the impact that chronic pain has on your life and can help treat your chronic pain using a variety of bespoke treatments in a holistic and long lasting way.

Living with continual pain is not the answer!  We utilize minimally invasive, cutting-edge treatments for a variety of conditions. We want you to feel amazing and be able to live your life as normal.

Our medical experts and professionals at Restorative Pain Solutions are highly trained and experienced to provide everything from acupuncture, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, yoga, physical therapy, and other proven techniques to reduce pain, restore function, and improve your overall health.

Our customized and multi-modal approach to pain management incorporates cutting-edge interventional pain procedures coupled with wellness services that address the lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your pain. We truly believe that recovery from chronic pain and restoration to an active, fulfilling life can only be accomplished when qualified medical experts apply a diverse set of pain treatment techniques.

Chronic pain is real!

We understand that chronic pain is serious and impacts all aspects of your life. Even worse, if not diagnosed and treated properly, chronic pain can lead to severe emotional distress. Don’t let this happen to you!

What happens when you receive care at Restorative Pain Solutions? 

Restorative Pain Solutions delivers a proactive and whole body approach to the treatment of pain with a focus on restoring function, overall health, and wellness. We approach each case individually with enthusiasm for discovering the roots of the pain and offer a variety of pain treatment solutions for those suffering from acute or chronic pain.

Our multi-disciplinary approach starts with a 360 degree evaluation and utilizes cutting edge interventional pain management procedures coupled with bespoke wellness services for a variety of conditions. We don’t just treat symptoms, we create a personalized treatment plan that gets you back to doing everything you love free of pain.


Restorative Pain Solutions is the leading provider of cutting-edge interventional procedures for the pain management of multiple conditions, including but not limited to, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and nerve pain. Interventional pain procedures are performed on site in our state-of-the-art procedure room as part of an individualized treatment plan that is purpose-built to reduce pain and restore function.

Some of the interventional pain procedures we specialize in performing include:



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